Gatekeeper Touchless Contracts™


We know from experience that a slow and inefficient contracting process can lead to excessive administration work for the Legal team. 

In our latest webinar we took attendees through Gatekeeper’s approach to solving this common challenge v.s. other CLM providers. 

Our webinar covered how to:

  • Generate fully-compliant contracts without lifting a finger
  • Automate NDA and MSA creation to save valuable time
  • Reduce repetitive, manual tasks so you can focus on strategic work

Webinar Q&A

Q: Is Touchless Contracts™ an add-on module?
A: No, this feature is included in all Gatekeeper plans at no additional cost.

Q: Isn't it a bit overkill to have the credit check process inside Gatekeeper as well?
A: By integrating the credit check, we're effectively 'front-loading' compliance for each vendor. We ensure they're under a binding NDA and that any major financial risks are uncovered at the start of the process. This should then ultimately save time across teams by removing the need to engage with any companies that fail to meet the required standard. 

Q: How much does Market IQ cost?
A: From $525 per month - all our pricing is listed here. Please get in touch with one of our Account Executives or Customer Success Managers for further information.

Q: What happens when my vendor declines to eSign the document?
A: The sender is notified and can change the signatory as needed to complete the process.

Q: Often the email address of the contact we are dealing with is not the appropriate signatory for the counterparty. How is this addressed?
A: We see this quite a lot, and not only when working with a Touchless Contracts™ eSign process. Luckily, Gatekeeper can support eSign delegation, meaning that the person receiving the eSign request can simply delegate this on to the appropriate signatory.

Q: Can you explain how the pre-signature is done? 
A: You have the option to upload pre-signed agreements to your eNegotiate Template Library as templates.

Q: If my vendor wanted to make changes to the NDA, how can they indicate their edits in the Touchless Contracts™ process?
A: It is possible to show an “I wish to propose changes” button, which will initiate an eNegotiate process rather than sending the document for signature.

Q: If someone fills out an NDA, but the vendor record is already in our system, does it create a duplicate vendor record?
A: No, we are able to match existing vendor records by identifying if the vendor's email address has already been added to your tenant. 

Q: Can Touchless Contracts™ be integrated with other ERP and CRM systems?
A: Yes, we have a native integration with NetSuite and Salesforce, as well as an open API to facilitate communication with other platforms.