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Gatekeeper Professional Services

Work with a dedicated Gatekeeper consultant to your vendor and contract goals using Gatekeeper.

At Gatekeeper, helping customers achieve maximum value from our solution is our priority. This is why we offer an extensive range of Professional Services to meet your exact needs.

What You Get With Gatekeeper Professional Services

Gatekeeper Professional Services provides you with a dedicated Consultant, who will work with you and your team to achieve your goals, whether you need to enhance your existing implementation, digitise a new business process or train your team. 

We exclusively use our in-house team for all Professional Services, unlike other companies that rely on third-party partners. This approach is vital for maximising your implementation, adoption and our ongoing mutual success.

Your success is our success. We're committed to delivering value and helping you achieve your goals and return on investment with Gatekeeper. 

Gatekeeper Three-Pillar Success Framework

All implementation and subsequent projects are delivered using the Gatekeeper Three Pillar Success Framework. This is a proven delivery model to secure your short, medium and long-term success with Gatekeeper.

The Three Pillars are:

  1. Restore Visibility. The first, and most important step -  you can’t measure, manage or mitigate what you cannot see. Gatekeeper provides a clear line of sight into all your current vendors and their contracts.
  2. Take Control. Your processes, your data and your business relationships will be formalised and automated. Remove the burdens of tedious manual tasks and uncertainty from your people. Solve any data issues at source.
  3. Safeguard Compliance. The future of your business depends on its ability to comply today and to be prepared for tomorrow. Deliver on your policies and be ‘audit-ready’.

Following the Three-Pillar Framework ensures:

  • Return on investment - our joint objective is to validate your company’s investment in Gatekeeper in the shortest possible time
  • Progression - each stage of the Success Framework is reliant on the completion of the previous stage 
  • Efficiency - approaching the project in this order minimises the overhead in changes to complex processes due to updates in the core data model
  • Growth - the model is designed to support our customers as they mature their contract management, vendor management and third-party risk practices


What we offer

Gatekeeper's range of Professional Services includes:

  • Implementation. Mandatory with all Gatekeeper plans and conducted by a product expert from our fully in-house team. 
  • Managed Tenant. Ongoing support from one of our experts, post-implementation, to ensure your Gatekeeper tenant is maintained and configured in line with your current requirements.
  • AI Extract Managed Service. Bringing your legacy contract documents and associated metadata into Gatekeeper on your behalf, giving you full visibility over your contract portfolio. 
  • Workflow Build. Project-based engagements to configure one or more specific workflows and automate your processes.
  • Dedicated Training. A variety of one-off or retained training packages, delivered by our in-house team. 

To learn more about Gatekeeper’s Professional Services offering, contact your Customer Success Manager directly or arrange a callback from one of our team.