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Using DocuSign as a Sender

Initiating the DocuSign request

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Using DocuSign as a Signer

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Prerequisites for using DocuSign within Gatekeeper

1) Before you can send a file for DocuSign through Gatekeeper, the integration must be enabled and then connected.

💡 See the Knowledge Base Article here to set up the integration

2) To send documents for DocuSign within your repository, you must be enabled as an "eSign Sender".

3) You must have a PDF document attached to a vendor or contract record.

💡 See the Knowledge Base Article here on adding files to your repository



Initiation & Management as an Administrator ("Sender")

Initiate an eSignature request ✍️

1) Find your PDF attached to a vendor or contract record

2) Hit Start eSign

3) If you have both Gatekeeper eSign and DocuSign enabled, confirm that DocuSign is selected as the signature method & hit ✅ Next 

You will now be directed to the DocuSign envelope setup page

4) Hit ADD RECIPIENTS to begin designating signatories for your document

5) When you have chosen all your signatories (including any other recipient types), hit DONE to return to the document

6) Assign signature fields to the document by drag & dropping them from the left-hand menu

7) Hit Send to complete this setup and request signatures

DocuSign will now send out the eSignature requests via email, as below:



Track Your DocuSign Requests 🔎

Once you have sent out documents for signature, you can oversee these within Gatekeeper in a few ways.


Repository-File View:

Navigate to the vendor/contract record where the file was stored and click DocuSign Status to open the view showing the audit history of any signer interactions.


Files eSign Status Filters:

Navigate to the Files page and use the eSign Status dropdown menu in the top left hand corner to filter the list. You can select two statuses to find your DocuSign files:

"Completed" will show all fully signed documents (sent via Gatekeeper eSign or DocuSign)

"Other" will show files which are not completed

Due to users not being synchronised between Gatekeeper and DocuSign, "Awaiting Internal" and "Awaiting External" cannot provide an accurate status for files being signed via DocuSign


Editing & Managing Your DocuSign Envelopes 🛠

Once a document has been sent for signature via DocuSign, you can still make amendments / updates to the process before all signatures are completed:

Resend: This will immediately resend notification emails to any remaining signatories.

💡 Users who have already signed will not be sent the reminder email!

Correct: This will reopen the DocuSign signature setup page where you can amend signatory and document settings.

Void: This will terminate the signature process. All signatories / recipients will receive a notification email including any Reason comments you leave while voiding:




Using DocuSign as a "Signer"

NB. using DocuSign within Gatekeeper is identical to DocuSign as a standalone solution. For more expansive information, we have shared some links to DocuSign's Knowledge Market below ⬇️

Following your DocuSign email 📩

When you have been sent a document to sign, you will receive an email like this:

Following the Review Document link will take you into the DocuSign envelope:

Now you can follow the below steps to sign a document:

1) If this is your first time using DocuSign as a signer, agree to the disclosure notice to share data between Gatekeeper and DocuSign

2) Click to apply your signature/s

3) If this is your first time using DocuSign as a signer, you will need to confirm the appearance of your signature and initials - DocuSign will pre-fill these using your name to save you time!

4) After you have applied all necessary signatures, hit Finish

Monitoring for Updates 🧑‍💻

When you are involved in a document signing process, you will receive automatic progress updates like below:

As a Signer, you will receive updates in the below scenarios:

  • When another Signer has viewed / signed the document
  • When the Sender has "Corrected" the document (and you no longer need to sign)
  • When the Sender has "Voided" the document
  • When all signatures have been Completed - this email will contain a link to view the envelope in DocuSign as well as an attached copy of the document




Q: What happens if I forget to sign?

A: The Sender may choose to send you friendly reminders with new signing links to your document.

However, if you don't take any action within7 days, the link to the document will expire and require regeneration.

Q: Can I delegate a signature to somebody else?

A: Yes. See DocuSign resource links here:

Delegated Signing 📖

Can we delegate signature authority while someone is on vacation? 💬

Q: Can I purge (delete permanently) documents stored on DocuSign?

A: Yes. By default, DocuSign stores envelopes and their documents indefinitely. You can log into your DocuSign account to purge documents permanently to comply with specific data policies.

Gatekeeper will still keep the signed document with the DocuSign certificate of completion in your repository upon completion.

See DocuSign resource links here:

Best Practices for DocuSign Document Retention and Purging 📖

Document Retention & Targeted Envelope Purge: What you should know 📖


Q: Is there a max file size for documents which are signed via this feature?

A: Yes. The limits in Gatekeeper come from the DocuSign limit (detailed here) :

Maximum file size: 25 MB
Maximum number of pages per document: 2,000 pages



DocuSign Resources

Once you have opened the DocuSign page within Gatekeeper, all functionality is driven by DocuSign.

Therefore, if you have any issues or require further guidance, you can find assistance here:

DocuSign "Knowledge Market" - their version of Gatekeeper's "Help Docs" Knowledge Base

DocuSign "Community" - their forum for discussing issues/use-cases with other users and their support teams