Workflow Phase Collaborators

Introducing Workflow Phase Collaborators: Enhancing Collaboration for Efficient Workflow Management

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Effective collaboration is key to achieving seamless workflow management in today's fast-paced work environment. Recognising the significance of collaborating with colleagues during specific phases of a workflow, we are excited to introduce our new feature, "Workflow Phase Collaborators." This functionality revolutionizes the way our users interact with their colleagues by providing read-only access to a workflow card, empowering them to collaborate more efficiently and achieve optimal outcomes.

This feature promotes transparency, accountability, and efficient communication among team members while respecting privacy and security concerns by offering granular control over access levels. Overall, Workflow Phase Collaborators empower users to collaborate more effectively, streamline workflows, and achieve project success.


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What are Workflow Phase Collaborators?

Workflow Phase Collaborators are designed to enhance collaboration within workflow management allowing users to invite specific colleagues to have read-only access to a particular workflow card. By granting read-only access, team members can efficiently collaborate during specific phases of a workflow, gather information, contribute insights, and align their efforts seamlessly. 

Who can be a Workflow Phase Collaborator?

In short, any internal user of Gatekeeper can be a Phase Collaborator. Workflow Phase Collaborators allow users to invite specific colleagues to become collaborators on a workflow card. The feature provides read-only access to the workflow card, enabling efficient collaboration during specific phases of a workflow. The collaborators can include team members, stakeholders, or anyone who needs to be involved in the workflow process but does not require editing privileges. This inclusive approach to collaboration promotes transparency, accountability, and effective communication among team members, enhancing overall workflow management.

How to setup Email Notifications for your Workflow Phase Collaborators

In order to notify your colleagues that they have been set as Workflow Phase Collaborators, it is recommended to first set the email notifications.

Step 1) Head to the desired Phase of your Workflow
Step 2)
Edit the phase by selecting the 3 dots next to the phase name, then select Edit this Phase
Step 3)
Select Notifications from the right-hand navigation menu
Step 4)
Under the Status column, turn on Email Notifications for Card Collaborators
Step 5)
Select the Edit Icon under Email Template for Card Collaborators
Step 6)
Enter a Subject and Content for your email, then select Update
Step 7)
Select Save in the bottom right-hand corner

How to assign Workflow Phase Collaborators

Setting Phase Collaborators is a simple task:

Step 1) Head to your Workflow and open the card that you wish to assign Phase Collaborator access to
Step 2)
Once you have the Workflow Card open, select the edit icon next to Phase Collaborator
Step 3) Select the required collaborators, then select Update



Other Types of Workflow Collaborator

Local Workflow Collaborators

Users set up as a Local Workflow Collaborator will be able to see all cards on the kanban board & view all data on the forms


Adding a local Workflow Collaborator:

Card Creator Auto-Provisioned Access

With this setting enabled for your workflows, users who have created a card (by submitting a form) will retain permanent read-only access to that card throughout its time on the workflow. They will be able to open the card to view form data messages.


Enabling this setting:

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