Workflow Checklists

Learn about the "to-do list" workflow feature which helps organise & prompt tasks on busy workflow phases


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Checklists in Action


Once a card has arrived at a phase with checklists, Gatekeeper will show these as a to-list at the top of the card:


In order to Check off an item from the list, a Phase Owner must simply click the box/text:

πŸ’‘ As seen in the above gif, hovering over a completed checklist item will show which user completed that action and when did they mark it as complete


If the additional Checklist setting - ⬇️ configuration shown below ⬇️ - has been enabled to prevent form submissions, actions cannot be completed and cards cannot progress until all checklist items are ticked

When this is the case, users will get a warning message, preventing them from completing their actions until the checklist is fully completed:

As seen in the below gif, users can still Reject cards while checklists are incomplete

This is because reviewers may need to send forms back (or terminate them entirely) without completing all of the tasks at that phase of a process

πŸ’‘ When this "prevent submission" setting is enabled, actions on cards with incomplete checklists are affected as follows:

Users can Update a Form and hit βœ… Save

Users can Update a Form but cannot hit βœ… Submit

Users cannot hit βœ… Approve

Users can hit ❌ Reject

Users can complete actions (such as Create Contract, Update Supplier)

SLA Timer Transitions can still move cards automatically



Checklists from My Dashboard

If you prefer to view all approvals from the My Dashboard view (rather than navigating from emails & the kanban board), it is also possible to tick off checklist items from the mini-card summary:

As seen in the above gif, the 'Prevent Submission' setting will carry over to this view as well!







Adding a new checklist

Step 1) Go to the phase where you wish to configure a list & click to edit

Step 2) Navigate to the Checklist Tab

Step 3) Begin typing in the Add Item text box then hit Add to store your new checklist item

Step 4) Repeat Step 3 until all items have been added

Step 5) Hit βœ… Save to store all your Checklist configuration



Making Checklists Mandatory

If you want to make your checklists mandatory for your users to be able to submit forms from their phase, you can enable the below setting

Step 1) Go to the phase where you wish to configure a list & click to edit

Step 2) Navigate to the Checklist Tab

Step 3) Underneath your checklist items, tick the below setting:

β˜‘οΈ Card can only be submitted if all checklist items are complete

Step 4) Hit βœ… Save



Editing Existing Items

Step 1) Go to the phase where you wish to configure a list & click to edit

Step 2) Navigate to the Checklist Tab

Step 3) Alongside the Checklist item you wish to change, hit to edit or to remove it

Step 4) Hit βœ… Save

NB. Checklists are applied to Workflow Cards at the point they arrive on a phase

➑️ Therefore, if you add/edit/delete Checklist items to a Phase's configuration settings where the phase already contains active cards, these cards will not have their checklists retroactively updated



Configuration FYIs & Notes 


πŸ’‘ Unavailable Phases πŸ’‘

Checklists cannot be configured on Start or "Done" phases of workflows

Start Phases, because they are designed to be Form-initiation phases. Generally all the prompts you provide to your users here should be take the format of form fields (including the Mandatory Field Settings)

Done Phases, because they should be phases where no further actions need to take place. If you still have tasks to complete for your Workflow process to be complete, we recommend configuring these for a Live phase!


πŸ’‘Checklist Memory πŸ’‘

If a card leaves then re-enters a phase with Checklists configured, Gatekeeper will not remember any previously checked items.

Checklists are applied "fresh" each time a card arrives on a phase


πŸ’‘ Email-Approval & Checklists πŸ’‘

If you enable "Approval Via Email", you may run into issues. This is because Checklist items cannot be ticked via email and - ⬆️ as you can see above ⬆️ - it is possible to prevent cards from being approved with unchecked items

Therefore, if you set your Checklists to be Mandatory, Gatekeeper will prevent "Approval Via Email":






FAQ  πŸ’¬



Q: Do checklists show in the card history?

A: Not in a card's History tab

πŸ’‘ If this is an important feature for you, please upvote this Ideas Forum post

However, hovering over a checked-item (before a card moves phases) will show who checked that item with a timestamp


Q: Can we add checklists to Vendor Portal phases?

A: No. Currently Gatekeeper will allow you to configure them, but since Vendor users see a more condensed workflow card view, they will not see anything you configure here

For tasks which you absolutely require your Vendor Portal users to complete, we recommend using mandatory form fields

For Example

If you need to ensure they attach a specific document, use an Attached File form field and set this field to Mandatory

If you need to ensure they have completed an specific process, use a Dropdown form field with only one option ("βœ…") and set this field to Mandatory



Q: We have Parallel/Conditional Approvers enabled. Can we conditionally assigned checklists to specific users/teams?

A: Not currently. With the current feature version of Checklists, any approving user can check any item

If this feature enhancement is important to you, please upvote the below ideas forum post

Ideas Forum: Assign Checklist to Parallel Approvers




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