Workflow Conditional Owner Authorisation

For background please read the Workflow Owners Overview guide.

Conditional Owners are typically used when a more complex ownership structure is required for a particular phase i.e if a Contract is of a certain type it requires a certain approver to review.  Conditions can be added to ownership rules and if all conditions are met then the owner specified will be assigned the card when entering the phase, all applicable form fields are available to select as conditions when creating the rules. 

How to create conditional ownership rules

  1. Similar to other ownership configurations you need to edit the phase you would like to configure the owner for.
  2. Navigate to the Form Access tab.
  3. Scroll down to the 'Card Owners' section and select the Conditional radio button to the right-hand side to switch to conditional ownership.
  4. You may now create a new ruleset by selecting 'Add New Owner', you can specify the owner you would like ranging from Workflow Group, member of Workflow Group, or the owner specified in a form field with a type of 'Internal User' or 'Workflow Group'.
  5. Once you have created a new Conditional Owner you can now add any number of conditions you would like, if the conditions are met when a card enters the phase then the owner you have specified will be assigned.
  6. You may create as many conditional owners as you would like, the system checks every rule and will apply all owners where the conditions are met by the workflow form

Note: It is possible to manage the form visibility for each group of owners independently, please see this article on setting form visibility for more detailed information.