Workflow Dynamic Owner Authorisation

For background please read the πŸ“– Workflow Owners Overview guide


"Dynamic Owners" refers to an individual user who should be made responsible for a workflow phase based on their relationship to the specific Contract or Vendor linked to the Workflow card at that phase

For example, a Contract Owner who needs to review an expiring contract and determine if renewal is required


When a phase is configured like this:


Gatekeeper will check each record in the repository for the corresponding user:


Available Options

Dynamic Owners you can choose are:


When using πŸ”˜Internal as the phase setting (meaning Gatekeeper will use Internal Users):

πŸ”˜ Team Owner - this will use the Team Owner of the user responsible for creating the Workflow Card

πŸ”˜ Vendor Owner - the internal Owner of the Vendor Record

πŸ”˜ Contract Owner - the internal Owner of the Contract Record

NB. If you add additional Contract Owner Types to your Gatekeeper environment, these will be available for selection here too!

πŸ”˜ Form field - the value from a field within the form allowing for a user/workflow group to be chosen

πŸ”˜ Card Creator - the user who created the workflow card


πŸ’‘ If using "Card Creator" as the phase owner for a Triggered workflow, Gatekeeper will still attempt to populate an owner, using the below rules:

If there is a Contract Owner

➑️ Assign the main Contract Owner

If there is not a main Contract Owner but a different Owner type

➑️ Assign this other Owner

If there are no Contract Owners at all

➑️ Assign the Contract Creator

If the contract was created via API or Bulk Import (and therefore has no "creator user")

➑️ Assign the Workflow Creator


When using πŸ”˜ Vendor Portal as the phase setting (meaning Gatekeeper will use External Vendor Users):

πŸ”˜ Contract | Owner - the user from the Vendor assigned as the Contract Owner

πŸ”˜ Vendor | Owner - the user from the Vendor assigned as the Vendor Owner

πŸ”˜ First Vendor User Only - The first user added to the Vendor record

πŸ”˜ All Vendor Users - any active vendor user from the Vendor record



How to Assign Dynamic Ownership to a Phase


Step 1) Click to edit the Workflow phase you wish to configure

Step 2) Go to the Form Access tab

Step 3) Under Auto-Assign Rules, select the dynamic owne

Step 4) Hit βœ… Save


πŸ’‘ You can also select πŸ”˜ Card Creator as well as a dynamic owner

When doing this, you can think of the Card Creator as a "backup" (to prevent no owners being assigned)

Gatekeeper will attempt to assign the dynamic owner first. Then - if no dynamic owner can be found - will assign the Card Creator instead