Workflow Dynamic Owner Authorisation

For background please read the Workflow Owners Overview guide.

Dynamic Owners are typically used when an individual rather than a team needs to submit or review a Contract i.e. a Contract Owner who needs to review an expiring contract and determine if renewal is required.

Dynamic Owners can be set by:

  • Team Owner 
  • Supplier Owner
  • Contract Owner
  • Card Creator
  • Form field (Internal User or Workflow Group)

How to Assign Dynamic Ownership to a Phase

  1. Go to Workflows on the Navigation Menu.
  2. Open the Workflow.

4. Click the Edit icon against the Phase you will be assigning the Workflow Group ownership to.

5. Select Form Access on the phase configuration menu.

6. Ensure the following settings are enabled:
Form Access = Internal

7. Select Dynamic Owner.
Note: This will assign ownership dynamically according to the Team Owner, Supplier Owner or Contract Owner attached to the record that has created the card. 

Dynamic Ownership can also be assigned to the card creator i.e. the user who has submitted a contract approval request as well as using a form field such as internal user or workflow group within the form. 

7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.