Workflow Owners Overview

For background please read the Workflow Authorisation Overview guide.

Workflow Owners are users that are responsible for reviewing the work unit and approving/rejecting. A workflow owner is assigned to a Workflow Phase and set within the Phase's configuration. 

The following example contains 2 different views of the same Workflow. The Owner in this case is a member of the Workflow Group that has been assigned ownership of the Legal Review phase. As you can see, the Owner can only see the cards that are currently within their phase.

Workflow Administrator's view 

Workflow Owner's view

How to Assign Ownership of a Workflow Phase to a User? 

There are 3 ways that Owners are set:

Workflow Groups
Workflow groups are created and users assigned in to them. These workflow groups can then be set on a workflow phase bases. This is typically used when a certain team, say the legal team need to review a request for a new Contract.

Click here for how to assign ownership to a Workflow Group

Dynamic Owners
Dynamic Owners are typically used when an individual rather than a team needs to submit or review a Contract i.e. a Contract Owner who needs to review an expiring contract and determine if renewal is required.

Dynamic Owners can be set by:

  • Team Owner 
  • Supplier Owner
  • Contract Owner
  • Card Creator

Click here for how to assign Owners dynamically

Reassigning Card Ownership

In addition to the above, you can also reassign card ownership directly within a Workflow card.


  1. Go to your desired card within a Workflow
  2. In the upper left-hand corner of the card, you will see the Phase Owner setting
  3. Select the Phase Owner
  4. Select from the list of:
    1. Users
    2. Workflow Groups
    3. Teams