File Expiry Dates

An Expiry Date is a date when the validity of a document expires. Not all files will have an expiry date.

Locating and understanding an expiry date

You can see if a document has an expiry date and when it is from the Files section. If a file has an expiry date associated with it, the date will appear next to the document name.


The color of the text will correspond to how soon the document expires.

  • Red: the expiry date has already passed
  • Orange: the expiry date is within the next 30 days
  • Gray: the expiry date is more than 30 days from now

Filtering by expiry dates

One of the ways to filter the Files view is by Expiry Date. You can see files that will soon expire, or that have already expired by using time filters. For a more in depth explanation about using time filters, take a look at our Files Overview article.

Adding or editing expiry dates

Expiry dates can be added during the original file upload process or at a later time. To add or edit an expiry date, click on the 3 dots to the right of the file name and click on edit , and then enter or change the date in the next window. Collaborators can only edit information for files they’ve uploaded themselves, while Administrators can edit information for any file.