Best Practice Workflows

Learn about 4 of our most popular & most useful Best Practice Workflows


In this webinar, we focus on some of our favourite workflow templates for when you want to maximise the best aspects of a structured & streamlined Contract/Vendor Management process.

We explore some of the scenarios where you should be using these workflows and include some implementation tips for how best to configure them

If you attended and are interested in the Workflows we covered, you can visit the below setup guides to get detailed walkthroughs of how to create and customise these for your business.

You can also reach out to our  Customer Success Team here for any other questions



Supporting Knowledgebase Guidance 📚

If you are interested trying out these Workflows, the below knowledgebase guides are a must if you want to realise the same benefits we discuss in the webinar:

🛠️ Create Your Own - Vendor Onboarding

🛠️ Create Your Own - Internal Contract Request

🛠️ Create Your Own - Contract Renewal Review

🛠️ Create Your Own - File Expiry Review


Also mentioned in the Webinar:

🛠️ Create your Own - Vendor Portal Update Request Form



Webinar Q&A 💬


Q: Due diligence at our organization for vendors is handled by different departments based on what's involved. // Is it possible to have the forms completed by different departments?

A: Yes! In the webinar (see 50:55) Jane demonstrates how you can configure various form sections can have "Custom Visibility" for different Workflow Groups

e.g. For the Section "DUE DILIGENCE - HUMAN RESOURCES" Jane could have set the Custom Visibility to 🔘 Read Only for the Workflow Group of "HR"

This would mean that only HR members would be able to see that section. For anybody else opening the form, that form section would be hidden

For guidance on configuring Form Section settings like this, visit the below article:

📖 Setting up a Workflow Form: Custom Visibility


Q: So who can submit requests into these workflows? // Will anyone be able to request contracts or a new vendor?

A: Yes! Depending on your Gatekeeper plan, how they do this will vary

In the Webinar (see 54:06), Jane explains the difference between Employee Portal ("Submit Requests") Forms and the free-to-use equivalent "Public Forms"

For more information on these 2 types of intake forms, see the below supporting guidance

📖 Employee Portal Guide

📖 Public Forms