Configuring the DocuSign eSignature Integration

Follow this walkthrough guide to get your Gatekeeper tenant ready to start sending files for signature via DocuSign





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This integration allows you to leverage the world's leading electronic signature provider, DocuSign, to securely send contracts and other documents stored in Gatekeeper for signature.

You can take advantage of Gatekeeper for storing and organising your metadata/documents while using DocuSign as your document execution solution, without having to switch between platforms.

What you get:

  • The safety and reliability of a fully integrated solution - no more manually downloading and transferring files between different systems
  • All information in one platform - full audit trails and file versions are stored automatically in Gatekeeper so you have complete oversight of the entire process
  • Choice of eSignature methods - you can continue to use our native eSign that allows assigning an unlimited number of senders and signatories, or choose DocuSign if you prefer or have specific requirements, such as the need for a Qualified Electronic Signature

In this article, we will go through how to set up your environment so you and your team can begin sending your Gatekeeper contract documents for signature via DocuSign.



Prerequisite Permissions


1) You must have an active DocuSign subscription

2) The user who completes the below Configuration steps must also have permissions to send envelopes for signature in DocuSign


1) The DocuSign Integration must first be enabled for your Gatekeeper tenant

Please reach out directly to your Customer Success Manager if you need further information, or would like to get this added to your plan.

Or use this link to contact our Customer Success Team.

2) In order to complete the below setup steps, you must be a Gatekeeper user with the "Configuration" additional permission.



How to Configure in Gatekeeper 🛠

1. Head to Settings > Configuration in your sidebar navigation menu

2. Open the DocuSign configuration option

3. Hit Connect

If you are not already logged into DocuSign in your browser:

4. You will be asked to authenticate to complete the connection

⚡️ You should now be connected and ready to go!

See Using DocuSign to get started!



Additional Configuration 🛠

Configuring "Senders"

From this above DocuSign Configuration view, you can also add DocuSign Senders.

These are exactly the same as Gatekeeper eSign Senders: users who are authorised to send documents for signature from within the vendor or contract repository.

NB. You can set your eSign DocuSign Senders in bulk using our bulk export/import feature. See How to Bulk Edit Users for a guide on how to do this.

Disabling Gatekeeper eSign

Our fully-integrated eSign is included as a feature in all Gatekeeper plans. Therefore, you can of course leave this enabled even when you have connected DocuSign.

If you leave both signature options enabled, users will be presented with a choice while initiating eSign requests before opening the document:

It is possible to remove this choice (allowing only DocuSign)

To do so:

1. Head to Settings > Configuration in your sidebar navigation menu

2. Open the eSign configuration option

3. Uncheck the "Enabled" toggle




FAQ  💬

Q: How do we configure DocuSign within Workflows?

A: We have a separate guide for configuring & using DocuSign in your workflow processes (after you have completed the setup steps from this article, that is)

📖 Using DocuSign from a Workflow

Q: When using Docusign to sign agreements, will these be visible in my eSign Dashboard?
A: No, the eSign Dashboard will only show agreements that have been eSigned via Gatekeeper's native eSign functionality

Please see our other article for how you can track active DocuSign requests:

📖 Using DocuSign - Tracking


Q: How do we send out multi-document envelopes?

A: Currently, Gatekeeper's DocuSign Integration only permits sending one document at a time.

If you have multiple documents you wish to sign via DocuSign and store in Gatekeeper, the two simplest approaches for now are

a) Append these documents together to make one large file before signing

b) Send out multiple "envelopes" - 1 for each document


Q: Do we need to pre-configure DocuSign Signatories?

A: No - this is only necessary task when using Gatekeeper eSign.


Q: How can we remove our DocuSign integration connection?

A: From the DocuSign config screen, you can simply hit ❌ Disconnect

FYI: All previously DocuSigned envelopes will be unaffected by this action - their audit trails and file versions will be stored in Gatekeeper as usual.

Disconnecting the integration means that:

a) No new envelopes can be signed in Gatekeeper via DocuSign

b) In-progress envelope statuses will not be updated in Gatekeeper

c) In-progress envelopes can not be managed from within Gatekeeper (i.e. the Resend/Correct/Void actions will be unavailable)




Additional Reading 📖


Bulk Updating Users - This can help you grant "eSign Sender" permissions to your users en masse

Using DocuSign from your Repository - This is a walkthrough guide on how to use the solution once it has been configured

Using DocuSign from your Workflow - This is a walkthrough guide on how to configure and use DocuSign during your Kanban Workflow processes