Configuring Workflow Notifications

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Workflow notifications inform users of a Workflow Card's activity

Notifications can be configured to send automated emails to a specified user(s) or Workflow Group when cards first land on a specific phase or after a specified number of days as a "reminder"

Workflow notifications are configured per workflow phase




Sections in this Article

Required Permissions

Recipient Types

Enabling Notifications

Configuring the Notification template content

Editable Email Sections

Dynamic Tags

Reminder Emails





Who can Configure Workflow Notifications?

The following users can configure Workflow Notifications:





Recipient Types

A Workflow Notification can be sent to 4 different types of recipients:

  • Card Owner - Including individuals or Groups assigned via the Form Access tab
  • Card Collaborator - A user manually granted read-only access to a card
  • Card Creator - The User who was responsible for initiating the workflow process for a specific card
  • All Vendor Users - All contacts belonging to a vendor associated with a Workflow card
  • Workflow Group - a Group of individuals who should all be kept in the loop by receiving cc notifications at certain points of a workflow

These notifications by default will send when a card lands on a phase. However, you can configure a seperate notification for all of the same recipient types which sends if a card has not moved for a configurable number of days - see below see below ⬇️




How to Enable Workflow Notifications?


Step 1) Open the Workflow you wish to edit

Step 2) Click to edit the phase where you wish to configure a Notification

Step 3) Go to the Notifications tab

Step 4) Alongside the notification you wish to configure, set the Status to On

Step 5) Hit ✅ Save

Once a notification is enabled, Gatekeeper will send these for any cards when they land on this phase




How to Configure Workflow Notification Templates?


Step 1) While in the Notifications tabs from above, click the Edit Email Template icon

Step 2) Populate the Notification template and click ✅ Update

Step 3) Then hit ✅ Save to lock in all notification updates





Editable Content




Email Subject Line

Here is where you can highlight the subject/reason for the email as it will appear in the recipient's inbox

💡 You can include the card name (using {{ }}) in this subject

This will improve the experience for recipients by:

(a) give an at-a-glance indication of exactly what process is required for which agreement

(b) avoid multiple emails of the exact same subject turning into 1 long email thread rather than separate notification lines in someone's inbox

Email Content

This should be where you include the key context for your users about the process & any necessary guidance such as:

  • Why they are receiving the notification
  • What steps they need to take
  • What will come next in the process
  • Whom they can context for assistance
  • Any deadlines

💡 Using simple html markdown  can make your messages easier to read

Button Type

This controls what button links will be presented to email recipients:

  • Hide - no button included
  • Object - Button contains repository hyperlink to the Contract/Vendor record associated to the workflow form
  • Kanban Workflow - Button contains hyperlink to the workflow card
  • Portal - Button contains a hyperlink to the Vendor/Employee Portal
  • eNegotiate - The email will contain Submit Draft / Accept Draft / Reject draft options (if the Submit Draft Action has been enabled)

Button Text

When using the Button Type of Kanban, Object or Portal, you can set the text as it appears in the button - if you do not edit this "View form" will show by default





Dynamic Tags

Within the Email Content section of a notification, you can include "tags" which will include information about the workflow card for your recipients

These tags can be found here:

Within the Email Template editor, scroll to the bottom & click one of the preview links

This will load up the complete list of dynamic tags available alongside an example of the value they will provide in your notification


Once you have configure the Email Content, you can test these tags by hitting one of the preview buttons


HTML/Markdown for Workflow Notification Templates?

Markdown is a simple language used to add formatting to text. Gatekeeper Notifications use the Markdown syntax. It allows you to easily add bold, italics, links, lists, paragraphs, headers, and images.

See also:

Markdown & Dynamic Content

Github Markdown Cheat Sheet





Phase Reminder Email Notifications

Having reminder email notifications is crucial for ensuring the smooth and timely completion of Workflow tasks. 

With these enabled, Gatekeeper can automatically chase card owners to complete their tasks (or let other users know about delays they should be aware of)


To create a Phase Reminder Email:

Step 1) Navigate to the Workflow that you would like to enable Phase Reminder Emails for

Step 2) Click to edit the phase where you want to configure an automated reminder

Step 3) Go to the Notifications tab in the right-hand menu

Step 4) Scroll down to the Email Reminders section, then, Choose the appropriate Recipient and change the Status to On.

Step 5) Under the Remind every X days column, select the frequency that you would like this email to be sent

As above, you can also edit the Email Template here to include additional context for the recipients

Step 6) Select Save in the bottom right-hand corner