Contract Expiry Dates

Locating & understanding Expiry Date fields

Contract expiry date values can be viewed in various different locations throughout the Gatekeeper application and are regularly used to drive a variety of functionality, including

  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Workflow Triggers
  • Events

In the Contracts - Data - Contract Summary tab, you will see a calculation of the days until the Expiry Date

If the Expires in field is 0 or <0, the status will show as Overdue

In the Contracts - Data - Contract Dates tab, this will be represented by the Expires in field (as above) and the End Date field

In the top level Contracts view, you may also select End Date to be displayed and use it to sort by:

See this article for more information on configuring the fields in your Contracts view)

The colour scheme which is applied to help assess the urgency of contract expirations at a glance is as follows:

  1. Red - Date occurs in less than 4 weeks
  2. Orange - Date occurs within the next 4-8 weeks
  3. Black - Date occurs in more than 8 weeks
  4. Green - Contract is Evergreen and there is no Expiration Date

How to set these

When creating a contract manually (via the User Interface), the Contract Dates tab is where you will be able to set an End Date for the contract

Ticking the Evergreen selection will mean there is no end date

When using the Bulk Import, you will have to populate the End Date field in your tenant's configured date format
These 2 formats are:
        (US)           MM/DD/YYYY
        (UK)           DD/MM/YYYY
See this article for more info on configuring the date format
To make the Evergreen selection when adding a contract via Bulk Import, you will simply need to set the value in your End Date column to β€œEvergreen”

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