Creating a Workflow

This article walks through the steps of creating a Workflow in Gatekeeper from scratch or best practice template.

Note: Workflows in Gatekeeper can be created by users with the appropriate "additional permissions" applied. To learn about Workflow Administrator designation, click here

Table of contents:

What type of process can I make?

Any form-based process can be digitised with Gatekeeper. The most powerful Workflows also integrate the creation and/or updating of Supplier and/or Contract records, directly within the  Workflow. For an introduction to Workflow concepts, click here

 To get started select “Workflows” from the main navigation.

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How do I add a new Workflow?

First, click the green "ADD" button. 

Gatekeeper 2020-09-10 12-13-48

From the corresponding dropdown menu, select the "Workflow" option. 

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Then enter the "Workflow Name" along with any other details before clicking "Save". 

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 The Workflow will then open with two default phases already added: 

  • Start Form
  • Workflow End
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How do I add a Workflow Template?

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From the corresponding dropdown menu, select the "Workflow Template" option. 

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From the corresponding pop-up, choose from Gatekeeper's "BEST PRACTICE TEMPLATE LIBRARY" or simply choose "New from Scratch" for a blank Workflow. 

Gatekeeper 2020-09-10 12-27-53

Confirm the Title and click "Create". 

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How do I customise a Workflow once created?

With the workflow now set up, read the following articles to learn more about how to:

  1. Configure a Workflow Trigger
  2. Add Phases to a Workflow
  3. Setup a Form within a Workflow
  4. Create a Workflow Group
  5. Configure Workflow Notifications
  6. Configure Workflow Transitions
  7. Configure Workflow Actions
  8. Add Workflow SLA Timers
  9. Archive a Workflow Card