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Files is a central repository of all files, irrespective of their associations. Files allow you to search through all of the Files that have been loaded into your Gatekeeper interface so that you can easily locate them.

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The Files area that this document pertains to is intended as an overview of all files within your Gatekeeper tenant. If you require guidance on adding files to specific objects (Contracts, Vendors, etc), please view the Add Documents, Files, Versions, Master Records & File Links below.

Note: If you need to add files to specific objects, then please read the article titled

Add Documents, Files, Versions, Master Records & File Links

Adding files directly from the left-hand Files will not attach the files to any objects

In this article:

Locating the Files area

Start by selecting the Files option from your left navigation menu.

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User restrictions on Files

Restrictions on Files:
• Global Administrators can rename/edit/delete any file in the Gatekeeper repository
• Users with limited administrator access (own team, owned only or RBAC) can edit any file in a record they can access but can only delete files they have uploaded themselves
• Users with Collaborator access can only move/edit/delete files they have uploaded themselves


Searching the files

Filter list

Possibly the easiest way to find a file is by name. If you remember what the file was called, or at least one word of the file name, you can enter the search term and hit Enter/Return on your keyboard.

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In this case, I'll type in "NDA" and I'm left with four files. 

You can also search the name of the person who uploaded the file if you know that information but don't know what they called the file.

Filtering by expiry time

Another way to find your files would be to filter by when it will expire. Perhaps you want to see all files that will expire soon, or that have already expired. You can do so by using the time filters.

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Your time filter options include:

  • Overdue: items that have already expired
  • 30 Days: items that will expire within the next 30 days
  • 60 Days: items that will expire within the next 60 days
  • All: the default of no time filter

The number in blue next to the button label indicates the number of files that fall into each filter.

Configure Columns

You can also expand the number of columns shown within the files page to include eSign related data.

Simply click on the Configure Columns button shown here:

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Configure a persistent filter

You can create a persistent filter by clicking the Configure Sticky Filter button in the right hand corner of the screen.

Gatekeeper 2020-05-26 16-18-23

In the window that appears you can configure your filter by

  • File Type: the type of file based on your own customised list. You can select more than one option from the drop down.
  • Added by: the name of the user who added the file. You can select more than one option from the drop down.

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Once you've placed your settings, click Save and the filter will be applied. You can then also apply a time based filter and search within the persistent filter using the above methods.

Viewing File information

Clicking the + next to any file will show you details of the file, such as its description, who the Supplier is, or what Contract it belongs to.

Gatekeeper 2020-05-26 16-21-07

In this case, I can see that the MSA was added during a Workflow process.

Previewing a File

It is possible to preview files within Gatekeeper if they are saved as a pdf. All other types of files would first need to be downloaded and previewed in another application. This can be done after selecting the menu (three dots) icon to the right of the file and choosing the "Download" option. 

Gatekeeper 2020-05-26 16-22-53

To preview a pdf file, click on the blue link to activate the in-tab viewer. You'll then see options to easily navigate, search content, print, and download the document.  

Files Preview Hover

Gatekeeper 2020-04-22 11-34-04

Upload New Versions Of Files

You can upload new versions of core files if needed. All previous versions of the files will be retained and can be viewed or downloaded. A description field is also available to provide context for the newly uploaded version.

To upload a new file version, click the menu icon (three dots) next to the file and select "Upload new file version

Gatekeeper 2020-05-26 16-24-02

Select "Choose File" and upload a new version of the document before clicking "Submit"

Gatekeeper 2020-05-26 16-25-06

Viewing File History

If multiple versions of a file exist, you'll notice an option to "View History" directly under the file name. 

Gatekeeper 2020-05-26 16-26-23

After clicking the "View History" button, a corresponding pop-up will display the full file version history along with the associated date and option to download.  

Gatekeeper 2020-05-26 16-26-52

Changing the item that a file is associated with

At this point in time, you'll need to delete and re-upload the file in order to change the item that the file is associated with.

Deleting files

You can remove files after clicking the three dots next to the name of the file and selecting Delete.

Note that this action cannot be undone.

Collaborators can only delete files that have been uploaded by themselves.

Global Administrators can delete files uploaded by anyone. This option is not available for files uploaded via the Messages tab until the associated Message has been deleted. 

Set File as Master Record

Files associated with contracts can be marked as the Master Record for that contract. In addition, you can deselect a file as the master record and assign another file in its place.

1. Navigate to the Contracts area within your left side navigation panel and select the contract

Gatekeeper 2020-05-26 16-28-03

2. From the Files Tab, click the menu (three dots) to the right of the appropriate file before selecting "Edit"

Gatekeeper 2020-05-26 16-29-00

3. Then simply check the box labelled "Master Record" and then click "Update"

Gatekeeper 2020-05-26 16-30-02

All files designated as Master Record documents will have a corresponding label. 

Gatekeeper 2020-05-26 16-31-23

Viewing the Master Record

In addition to the Files Tab, the document indicated as the contract's Master Record will be displayed at the bottom of the Data Tab within an embedded viewer. There are available menu options to search, navigate, print, download, and/or rotate directly from the viewer. 


Rename a File

1. Identify the File to be renamed

2. Select the 3 dots next to the File

3. Select Rename File