⚡️ Gatekeeper Expert - Testing Triggered Workflows ⚡️

Discover how to "simulate" scenarios so that you may test your triggered workflows on-demand

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Introduction 🧑‍💻

Testing workflows is a crucial element of the build process

Even if you are meticulous with your configuration, there will be settings or scenarios that you may not notice until the workflow is being used

This is why you should run end-to-end tests, experiencing & interacting with the workflow as every stakeholder would in real circumstances


This article shows how to cover one of the basic elements of testing, making it easier & faster for you to try out your workflows!

Specifically, this article covers how to initiate a test on a Triggered workflow, simulating a real-life scenario as closely as possible


The main benefit of this applies to testing Date-based Triggered workflows

Because Gatekeeper's Date-Trigger polling job only runs once per hour, after creating your test records, you could wait up to an hour for your process to initiate!

While this is not the biggest issue for a single test, if you spot issues, make configuration updates, then wish to test again, you could be waiting another hour!



Configuration & Execution 🛠

These configuration steps will show how to add a dummy "Custom Field" to your records which can be populated to instantly trigger the workflow for your Contract/Vendor records - almost like flipping a switch!


Configuration Video Coming Soon...


Part 1 - Adding the "Status" Field

Step 1) Navigate to Settings > Configuration > Custom Data

Step 2) Hit Add > Add Custom Group

We recommend adding a new group for this since an existing group may be in use on live workflow forms and cause confusion if your dummy field is added to these forms

Step 3) Title this "Workflow Testing" (or something similar) & allocate the group to Contract or Vendor, depending on your workflow

We'll be removing the group after testing, so don't stress about naming conventions too much

Step 4) In this new group, hit Add > Add New Custom Field

Label: Workflow Trigger

Type: Multi-pick Dropdown List

Options: [Name of the workflow/s you wish to test]

Part 2 - Configuring the Trigger

Step 1) Go to the Workflows page

Step 2) Click to edit the workflow then select the Workflow Triggers option

Step 3) Hit ➕ ADD TRIGGER

Step 4) Name your trigger "Manual Test" then hit ✅ Create

Step 5) Hit ➕ Add and choose the new field as the single condition with the dropdown value being this workflow

Step 6) Switch the Trigger Status from Pipeline to Live

Part 3 - Testing the Workflow

Step 1) Select (or Create) a Contract/Vendor record you wish to test

Step 2) Ensure all the valid data is set which will be used during your workflow

For example, if the Internal Contract Owner will be dynamically assigned  to perform actions on the workflow, ensure they are populated for this record before the next step!

Step 3) Edit this record and populate the "Workflow Trigger" field then hit ✅ Save

Step 4) Your record should now be immediately pulled onto the workflow board as if one of your real triggers had fired. You may now test the workflow process!




Reverting to Normal ↩️

When you are finished testing, it is good practice to undo all of the steps above so that your users will not see a messy system, nor assume that it is still "Under Construction"

Part 1 - Undoing the Trigger

Step 1) Go to the Workflows page

Step 2) Click to edit the workflow then select the Workflow Triggers option

Step 3) Click your test trigger

Step 4) Hit the  Delete icon to remove the Condition

Step 5) Hit < Back then hit the Delete icon to remove your trigger

Part 2 - Undoing the field

Step 1) Go to Settings > Configuration > Custom Data, then open your Test Custom Group

Step 2) Hit the  Delete icon to remove the custom field

Step 3) Go back to the Custom Groups List then hit the Delete icon to remove Group

Part 3 - Deleting dummy records

If you created records specifically for testing the workflow:

Step 1) Go to the workflow & open your test card/s

Step 2) On the Controls tab, hit Delete






Q: Can I use this to trigger multiple records onto my workflow at once?

A: Yes, using our bulk-update feature, you can trigger many vendors or contracts onto your workflows instantly

📖 Bulk Import Contracts

📖 Bulk Import Vendors


Q: Which key testing scenarios does this method work for?

A: Renewal workflows are the main scenario where you can leverage this.

It is also especially useful for Market IQ triggered workflows which are almost impossible to test 

See 📖 Create your own - MarketIQ Monitoring & Escalation Workflow


Q: Does this method apply to any other scenarios than "testing"?

A: Some of our clients use this method of triggering workflows in their BAU processes, often for connecting multiple workflows as part of a Vendor/Contract Lifecycle Management "Ecosystem"

See these articles from our ⚡️Parallel Workflows - Expert Series:

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