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How to - Create an Access Group

This article will walk you through the steps to creating an Access Group.

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Where to access Access Groups

Please note that creating and editing Access Groups is only available to users whose Role + Role Permissions = Administrator + All, and the Additional Permissions contain Users.

We first go to Settings > Users

We then select Add > Access Group

Creating an Access Group

When you select Add>Access Group, you are presented with the β€˜Add Access Group’ page:


The Title will appear in dropdown lists when choosing an Access Group, this should be short but descriptive.


Choose whether the access group will provision Administrator or Collaborator permissions.

Administrator - Write Access. 

When using Administrator in RBAC, Supplier Records can only be created in-line when creating a Contract Object. This is due to the Contract being the top-level object. Please take a look here for more information.

 For a full listing of functionality available, please read Access Group Matrices

Collaborator - Read Only Access. Collaborators have restricted access but maintain the full range of Collaborative function.  

Note. Role + Title is used to list access groups in dropdown lists


If useful, give the access group a description to provide further context which is useful for system administrators.

Assigning the Objects

  • Entity - If access to Entities is to be provisioned, please choose as many as are required
  • Team - If access to Teams is to be provisioned, please choose as many as are required
  • Category - If access to Categories is to be provisioned, please choose as many as are required
  • Supplier - If access to Suppliers is to be provisioned, please choose as many as are required
  • Contracts - Contracts linked to all of the core objects selected above will be provisioned automatically

When completed, you will end up with a page similar to the one below:

Assuming we are using the AND operator, this access group will provide Administrator Permissions to the Legal Teams Contracts where the Category is Commercial

Alternatively, if we were to use the OR operator, this access group would provide access to all Contracts within the Legal Team, and all Contracts associated with the Commercial Category (regardless of team)

For further information on the AND/OR operator, please, read this article.

Assigning Access Groups to Users

Once your Access Groups have been created, we need to assign them to our user base.

From the User Management page, identify the required user and select the 3 Dots > Edit

Then, under Role, select Custom > Select the Access Group

You can have multiple Access Groups assigned to individual users.