Local Workflow Administrator

For background please read the Workflow Authorisation Overview guide.

Local Workflow Administrator Overview

Local Workflow Administrator access is for users who will oversee & manage a specific workflow in Gatekeeper. Added at an individual Workflow level, this gives Administrative control of a Workflow that has already been created.

Local Workflow Administrators can edit a workflow's configuration, add cards directly to the board and interact with any existing cards (as if they were the current phase owner)

Local Workflow Administrators do not have the ability to add new workflows and can only see the Workflows that they have been granted Local Administrative rights to.

How to Assign Local Workflow Administrative Rights to a User?

  1. Go to Workflows on the Navigation Menu.
  2. Click the Edit icon against the Workflow you wish to assign a user Local Administrative rights.
  3. Select Workflow Administrators from the drop-down menu.

4. Click Add > New Administrator.

5. Select a User from the drop-down and click Create.