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Introduction to Parallel Workflows

The Use Case - Contract Request ⓧ New Supplier Onboarding





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Introduction to "Parallel Workflows"


There are many processes which can be performed as part of Vendor & Contract lifecycle-management which take time...

Vendor Onboarding

NDA Signing

Risk Assessments & Due Diligence

Internal Approvals

Contract Negotiations

Running these sequentially can end up creating significant lead times - especially if they involve many stakeholders and varying actions & inputs

Utilising Gatekeeper's Workflow AutoActions & Automated Triggers, you can configure processes which connect seamlessly, allowing your users to leverage Gatekeeper's workflow engine for all of your processes without any delays from human interactions or stringent compliance processes



The Use Case

Contract Request ⓧ New Vendor Onboarding


When requesting new Services or Contracts for negotiation & approval, it's possible to allow your users to request agreements with existing Vendors or to request new Vendors...


In the case of the latter, you will likely want to complete a formal onboarding process before entering into an agreement with this new party.

If you're doing things right, you'll have a structured risk assessment/due diligence/vendor onboarding workflow in place already. It may even be embedded within your Contract Request workflow


However, this can lead to a potential problem:

Your contract requestors may not want to wait for the whole onboarding to be completed before they can begin discussing terms with a new vendor

At best, your requestors will be patient (albeit annoyed) that they have to wait for 2 separet processes to complete

At worst, they may and try to find ways around your procedures, having discussions offline and keeping you in the dark!


Leveraging AutoActions, you can initiate a Vendor Onboarding Process while proceeding with the original Contract Request, stopping only before execution to validate that the Vendor meets your standards and all risks/compliance checks have been addressed


Suboptimal Workflows 👎

Option 1 - AutoCreate Vendors

In this workflow setup, new Vendors will be automatically created by the workflow so Contract negotiations & signatures can proceed asap

Risk Potential - High 🚨🚨🚨

Speed of Delivery - Quick 💨



Option 2 - Create then Onboard Vendors

Here, new Vendors will be automatically created and onboarded via the workflow. Contract negotiations & signatures can only proceed once these steps have been completed

Risk Potential - Low ✅

Speed of Delivery - Slow 🐢🐢🐢



Optimal Workflow 🙌

Here, contracts requests with a NEW vendor will automatically trigger a separate workflow for onboarding that Vendor

This vendor onboarding/risk assessment process can proceed at the same time as the legal/contracting actions

Risk Potential - Low ✅

Speed of Delivery - Quick 💨





Walkthrough Demonstration




🛠 Configuration 🛠


Part 1 - Adding the "AutoCreate Vendor" Action

Step 1) Add a new phase named 🛠 AutoCreate Vendor 🛠

Step 2) Hit Reorder & Minimise to position this new phase after the Request Form but before the Create Contract phase

This AutoAction phase can technically be placed immediately after the request phase

However, we recommend positioning it after an initial review/approval has taken place to ensure that the request is a valid one

Otherwise, users could end up initiating very labour-intensive onboarding processes for vendors where a new service has not been OK'd by key budget-holders or managers!

Step 3) For this new phase, hit Edit this Phase & navigate to the Actions tab

Step 4) Enable ⚙️ AutoAction Create Vendor, then hit Edit AutoAction Values

Step 5) Select ☑️ Take values from the form for all fields except for Status & Approval which should be set to values which will trigger your other workflow.

💡 The logical choices for these status fields are Pipeline & Awaiting Approval respectively


You can technically use other fields to automatically trigger this parallel workflow (as will be explored in other Parallel Workflow Use Cases), but these are the most clear & obvious choices for a new Vendor!

Step 6) Point the transitions from your new AutoCreate Vendor phase to the next step in the process

Step 7) Edit to the Transition/s from the previous phase to include your new AutoCreate Vendor phase in the end-to-end process flow


Part 2 - Triggering the Vendor Onboarding

Step 1) Go to the Workflows page

Step 2) Click to edit your Vendor Onboarding workflow then select the Workflow Triggers option

Step 3) Hit ➕ ADD TRIGGER

Step 4) Name your trigger then hit ✅ Create

Step 5) Use ➕ ADD to compiling the list of conditions for the trigger to fire

Use the same conditions as the status fields you set in the previous Part's Step 5 

Step 6) Set your Trigger Status to Live


Part 3 - Conditional Approval

Add a new approval to the end of your workflow before the final commitment to the supplier agreement - usually this final step is eSigning the contract

Step 1)  Go to your final approval & hit Edit this Phase

Step 2) Navigate to the Approval tab

Step 3) Check that Approval is  🔘 Enabled and set to 🔘 Parallel


Step 5) In the pop-out  Parallel Approvals view, select the required Users/Groups, select 🔘 Conditional then hit ✅ Save

Ideally, this should be your main Gatekeeper admin/Vendor Management/Procurement team

Step 6) Hit ➕ ADD to assign the below conditions

1: Vendor / Status is one of Pipeline

2: Vendor / Approval is one of Awaiting Approval

NB. This video also contains a "Part 2 Config Walkthrough" to show you what to do if your workflows does not already have a final pre-esign approval phase!


Part 4 - "Vendor Onboarding Complete"

Step 1) Go to the "Done" phase for your Vendor Onboarding workflow & hit Edit this Phase

Step 2) On the Actions tab, enable ⚙️ AutoAction Update Vendor

Step 3) Hit Edit AutoAction Values

Step 4) Select ☑️ Take values from the form for all fields except for Status & Approval which should now be set to Live & Approved 

Step 5) Navigate to the Notifications tab

Step 6) Enable the email for the CC Group recipient & select the group from Part 3: Step 5

Step 7) Populate the Email Template content & hit ✅ Update, then ✅ Save

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Q: Can the completion of the Vendor Onboarding workflow automatically grant approval on the contract request process?

A: Currently no, (not unless you split the contract workflow into 2 parts)

The simplest method to facilitate this 'connection' between the 2 processes is to have a central vendor management user or team check & approve


Q: Does the 2nd process need to be a "Vendor Onboarding"?

A: "Vendor Onboarding" can be a general term to depict whatever initial compliance & setup steps you take before working with a new vendor. This could be risk assessments & due diligence checks or it could simply be getting a new NDA/MSA/Terms & Conditions agreement in place


Q: Can I repeat this to have more than 2 workflows run in parallel

A: Technically, yes!

Gatekeeper actually has a few clients which use a similar technique in their Vendor Onboarding Request workflows to trigger separate standalone ESG/Modern Slavery/Financial Risk/NDA Execution workflows




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🛠 Create your own - Vendor Onboarding Workflow

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Workflow Phase Content


Text for Notification Email ✉️


{{ card.name }} Onboarded ✅


Email Content

This is an automated email to confirm that <strong>{{ card.name }}</strong> has completed the <strong>{{ workflow.label }}</strong>


If this vendor is also setting up a <strong><a href=“CONTRACT WORKFLOW URL”>new contract</a></strong> which is awaiting approval that this process has been successful  - you may provide this now! 👍


Button Text

View Form 📋 


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