Product Release Update - December 2023

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1. Best Practice Workflow - Vendor Portal Data Update Request 🧑‍💻

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For more information, you visit the below configuration guide for this workflow template

🛠️ Create your own - Vendor Portal Update Request Form


2. Sync Vendors to NetSuite from the Repository 🔁

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Fore more information, see our 📖 NetSuite Integration Guide


3. Adjustable Card menu slider ↔️

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Coming Soon 👀

This update may seem small,  but it paves the way for 2 new features to greatly improve the user experience in Workflow Cards:

Full Message Threads in Side Menu 💬


Form Scoring in Side Menu 📈



We think you'll love 😍

  • Set the Default Dashboard for users within bulk import, allowing you to set (and changethe standard login page for your users en masse!


  • Add a whole Custom Tab to a Workflow Form (i.e. without having to add each group, 1-by-1)


  • "Publish" Workflow Actions have consolidated to a single button to remove confusion


  • An updated "Add New Phase" Configuration screen now allows users to populate more phase details before having to hit ✅ Save


  • You can now add previously-removed custom fields back into Workflow Forms