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Learn how to send workflow notifications to Team inboxes rather than individual's inboxes

...Also learn how to take this one step further by using Slack or MS Teams channels!




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Adding a Team Inbox

Configuring a Workflow Phase

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A key benefit of Gatekeeper's workflow engine is that it automatically notifies key stakeholders in a process when they have a task to perform such as:

  • Forms to update
  • Approvals to provide
  • Contract actions to complete like redlining drafts/sending agreements for eSign

When you have multiple users in Gatekeeper who all share responsibility for specific tasks, we allow you to send them all notifications by setting up what we call a Workflow Group

When you do this and assign this Workflow Group to a phase of your workflow, all users in the group will receive the notification from that phase and any of them will be able to open up the workflow card to complete the action on behalf of their team


However, using the below configuration, you can change where Gatekeeper sends the notifications

Rather than sending notifications to every group-member's individual email address, they can be sent to a shared inbox 

💡 Inboxes like procurement@yourcompany.com, contracts@yourcompany.com




🛠 Configuration 🛠


Adding a Team Inbox

Part 1 - Adding your Shared Inbox to Gatekeeper

Step 1) Go to Settings > Users

Step 2) Hit Add > User

Step 3) Populate your user details as follows

First Name: ["Name of Team"]

Last Name: "Inbox"

Email: Email address of your Team (e.g. "Contracts@yourcompany.com")

Permissions: Collaborator & All

NB. the permissions & other user details don't really matter since this 'user' will never be used to log in to Gatekeeper

Step 4) ✅ Save this user without ticking "☑️ Invite into Gatekeeper"

Part 2 - Setting up the dedicated Workflow Group

Step 1) Go to Settings > Users

Step 2) Hit Add > Workflow Group

Step 3) Name this group "[Team Name] Inbox" & hit ✅ Save

Step 4) Edit this group & add your user from Part 1 as the only Member


Setting up your Workflow Phase

Part 1 - Setting up the actual Ownership

Step 1) Go to the workflow phase owned by your group & hit Edit this Phase

Step 2) Navigate to the Form Access tab

Step 3) Assign the actual group (i.e. the one which contains real users) as the phase owner

Step 4) Hit ✅ Save

Part 2 - Notifying the Shared Inbox

Step 1) While still on the same phase, head to the Notifications section

Step 2) Do not enable the Card Owner notification - if this is enabled, disable it!

Step 3) Enable the CC Group notification  & select your "Team Inbox" from the list

Step 4) Hit ✅ Save



⚡️ Advanced - Slack/Teams Channels ⚡️


The above configuration steps show how to notify a shared email inbox

However, if your organisation lives in a particular communication app, sending your notifications here will be much more convenient

To send emails to one of these apps, rather than an email, follow the below steps


Step 1) Get the email address for your application's channel

Step 2) Follow all the steps from ⬆️ the above task ⬆️ to create a User representing your shared channel

However, for the email address, do not use "procurement@yourcompany.com"; use the Slack/Teams email address generated in Step 1

Since this user is also not an email address , rather than "First Name: Team" & "Last Name: Inbox", you could add them as:

"First Name: Team" & "Second Name: Slack Channel"

Step 3) Complete all the same config as above, this time using your new slack/teams channel inbox as the notification recipient







Q: Can this be used for individuals rather than just groups?

A: Technically yes. But it is not a very scalable or easy-to-maintain configuration option. Therefore we recommend reserving this where you would get the most bang for your buck

➡️ Large Teams or High-ranking execs might be the only scenarios where you should employ this


Q: Do you have a native integration with Slack/Teams?

A: Currently we do not. In some scenarios, our Zapier integration can be used to send messages to these applications

However, we will beginning work on a Slack integration later in 2023

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