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Learn how to restore the visibility of your digital signatures by configuring and sending your PDFs for execution using Gatekeeper's Simple eSign!

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Gatekeepers eSign will save you time, money, and hassle by allowing you to sign and send documents electronically from anywhere, at any time. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of using Simple eSign, from setting up your senders and signatories to sending your first agreement for execution. So, let's get started!

If you are looking to initiate eSign from a Workflow, please see our Knowledge Base Article here.

For further information on the legality of electronic signatures including EIDAS compliance please see our summary: The legalities of Electronic Signature

A TL;DR is:

  • Gatekeeper qualifies as an AES (Advanced Electronic Signature)
  • For QES (Qualified Electronic Signatures), we have a native DocuSign Integration

This article will walk you through:

  1. Accessing eSign Configuration
  2. eSign User Types
  3. Simple eSign Initiation
  4. Adding Document Signatories
  5. Removing Document Signatories
  6. Changing Signing Order
  7. Adding a Message
  8. Placing Floating eSign Fields
  9. eSigning the Document
  10. eSign File Statuses


Note: eSign must be enabled and configured before initiating any eSign process. Click here for detailed steps regarding setup and configuration. 

Note:  Certain elements of this Walkthrough are intended for Administrators only. They require the 'Administrator' Role, the 'All' Permission, and the 'Configuration' Additional Permission to complete these steps. You can find more information regarding these definitions in the link below titled User Management Definitions

Accessing eSign Configuration

Before we begin the process of sending and signing documents, we first need to set up our Authorised Senders and Signatories. Access the eSign configuration menu by following the below steps.

1. To start configuring eSign, select Settings > Configuration

2. Then select eSign

Gatekeeper 2020-05-25 17-05-24

eSign User Types

There are 2 types of eSign users in Gatekeeper:

  • eSign Senders: These users can initiate the eSign process. Selecting the Contract PDF to be signed and choosing the Internal and External Signatories. 
  • eSign Authorised Signatories: These users are authorised to sign Contracts. 

To add an eSign Sender or Signatory, select Add > eSign Sender/Signatory

In addition to the above, eSign can also be set at a User level.

First, select Settings > Users > 3 dots > Edit then scroll down to eSign Permissions. You can set the option for both a Sender or a Signatory here.


Simple eSign Initiation

Caution Only PDFs are able to be eSigned.

Now that we have configured our senders and signatories, we can start the eSign process.

1. Navigate to either the contract or vendor list view.

2. From the list view, select the record that you wish to hold your agreement and then navigate to the Files section of that record and upload a PDF version of your agreement.

3. To initiate the eSign process, select Start eSign on the right-hand side of the PDF file.

Knowledge 2020-08-10 14-47-21

Select Next to initiate the eSign process.

Gatekeeper 2020-05-25 15-44-06

Adding Document Signatories

1. You can now review your agreement within Gatekeepers eSign tool, or select Scroll to Prepare eSign to move straight to selecting Signatories.

Gatekeeper 2020-05-25 15-46-00


2. Select an Internal User from the dropdown list of Internal Authorised Signatories and the External Supplier User to sign the Contract if needed. 

If you need to collect more than two signatures, click the blue Add More Signers option at the bottom of the page. 

Gatekeeper 2020-05-25 15-47-38

Note: Read further about assigning eSign Signatory permissions here. Internal users must be configured as eSign Authorised Signatories for selection. 

Removing Document Signatories

To remove additional signers, click on the red trash can icon that appears to the right of their name within the eSign tool. This will not remove them as Authorised Signatories, but only remove them from signing this specific agreement.

Gatekeeper 2020-05-25 15-51-48

Changing Signing Order

The signing order can be completely tailored to your individual needs. Select the blue Change button. Drag and drop Signers in the correct order once the corresponding pop-up appears and then click Save.

Remember the top of the list signs first!

 Gatekeeper 2020-05-25 15-55-54

Adding a Message

Clicking on the Add button will allow for customized message entries as needed. 

Gatekeeper 2020-05-25 15-57-34

eSign messages can be individualized or applied across all signers by selecting the check box indicated below. Using this check box will replace any messages already in place. When you are happy with your message, select Save.

Gatekeeper 2020-05-25 16-00-42

Placing Floating eSign Fields

After all Signatory fields have been completed, right-click (control-click on a Mac) within the document to place floating signature fields. This allows you to predetermine where the Signature and the Signer's details will be placed on the contract by inserting and then dragging and dropping the associated fields to the selected areas.

Field Placement options include:

  • eSignature
  • Name
  • Company
  • Date

The fields are colour coded for clarity and are compatible with all advanced features of our eSign solution including multiple signatories, signing orders and custom messages.

eSign no cursor

Once all the relevant floating fields have been placed on the document, click Request Signature at the bottom of the page. 

Gatekeeper 2020-01-14 14-00-39

Both the Internal Signatories and Vendor Signatories will receive emails in the designated order asking them to sign the Contract along with a daily reminder email for any outstanding requests.

eSigning the Document

1. The Internal Signatory will be able to access the contract directly from the notification email or select eSign this Document in Gatekeeper to complete the eSign process if they are the Sender.

Please eSign MSA.pdf - - Gatekeeper Mail 2020-08-10 14-15-33

The Signatory can then sign the document by selecting the blue Scroll to eSign button.

Gatekeeper 2020-05-25 16-15-04

Additionally, the Signatory can simply click on the CLICK TO SIGN button directly within the document. 

Knowledge 2020-08-10 14-24-42

There is also a third option for the Signatory to click SIGN HERE at the bottom of the page or select Decline if desired. 

Knowledge 2020-08-10 14-25-18

3. Signatories will be able to eSign using four different methods.

  • Draw it in: Drawing their signature using a mouse or touchscreen
  • Type it in: Typing in their name and selecting a font style
  • Upload Image: Upload an image of their signature
  • Saved: Returning Signatories will be able to access saved Signatures.

Once a Signature is complete, select Save.

4. Then click on the Signature to be used in the signing of this Contract and select the blue Insert Everywhere button.

Gatekeeper 2020-01-15 13-48-43

5. Select I Agree and the eSign for this contract will be completed.

Knowledge 2020-08-10 14-25-57

Other Signatories who have not signed the Contract will be sent an email notification in the designated order. External eSign Signatories will follow the same process as outlined above for Internal eSign Signatories.

Knowledge 2020-08-10 14-50-07

Once both parties have completed the eSign process, both parties will receive confirmation emails with an attachment to download a copy of the signed Contract.

Document was signed - - Gatekeeper Mail 2020-08-10 14-31-28


If you require signatures in different coloured ink, this must be done either outside of Gatekeeper, or you can upload an image of your signature.

You can read more about tracking the progress of the eSign process here.


eSign Statuses


Draft - eSign Process has been started but not sent to signatories

Awaiting Supplier / Internal - eSign request has been sent out to signatories and is now awaiting their signatures

Processing - A temporary status where signatures have been received and Gatekeeper is compiling the finalised signed document

Completed - All signatures completed and signed document is fully processed

Declined - One (or more) of the signers has declined their signature request, cancelling the process

Other - "Other" statuses can include completed (for other signature tools like DocuSign) or cancelled if cancelled by an eSign Administrator


👋 FYI, once a file is in an eSign Draft/In Progress state, it is locked and cannot be altered unless the eSign process is completed or cancelled

If you attempt to manually upload a new version to a file in one of these states, you will get an "invalid file" error