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Success Hours: Using Data



Welcome to the 'Success Hours: Using Data' webinar. Our objective today is to provide you with insights on how to access and make the most out of your data in Gatekeeper. By doing so, you can enhance your vendor and contract visibility, and ultimately drive success.

Given the current business environment, data is more critical than ever. Organisations need to ensure they have easy access to the data they possess and use it to their advantage.

With Gatekeeper, you can effortlessly store, manage, and report on your data, allowing you to keep track of your vendors and contracts, and make informed business decisions.

Summary breakdown

4:33      Gatekeeper's "Three Pillars" success framework
7:29      Executive Dashboard
7:45      Quarterly Dashboard
13:57   Categories Dashboard
20:29   Teams Dashboard
23:47   Entities Dashboard
25:55   Saved Views
37:53   Contract AI Summary powered by OpenAI (coming soon)
44:51   Best Practice Workflow templates
47:52   Q&A

Webinar Q&A

Q: Can I change the default Dashboard?
Yes, you can. To do it for yourself, go into 'Settings' by clicking on your user name. Under 'Dashboards', all the dashboards available to you are listed, and you can select the default dashboard when logging into Gatekeeper.

If you are a User Admin and want to change the default dashboard for other users, click on 'Settings > Users' in the left-hand navigation panel, now choose the user that you wish to change the dashboard settings for. Again, you can change the default dashboard under 'Dashboards'.

Q: Is the Chat GPT/Open AI functionality you mentioned currently available to all users?
A: No, not yet. It is due to be released in our Product Release Update in May, subject to internal testing. It will be included on all plans, and free to all users.

Q: Can I create my own report?
Yes, we'd recommend using Saved Views to create personalised reports.

Q: How can I change the reporting currency?
A: Assuming there are multiple currencies set up in your Gatekeeper tenant and you are an Administrator, you can change the reporting currency by navigating to 'Settings > Configuration > Currency'. For more information on currency configuration, please refer to this Knowledge Base article.

Q: Does Gatekeeper offer API capability? Can it be pulled into Business Intelligence solutions such as Power BI and Tableau?
Yes, we offer an API that allows you to send data to/from Gatekeeper, and we've had other clients who have successfully pulled data to BI tools including Power BI and Tableau. To learn more about our API and how to access the relevant documentation within Gatekeeper, please see this article.

In addition, we offer Webhooks and a native integration with Zapier, a popular task automation platform that can connect Gatekeeper with 5,000+ other apps.

Q: What is the best way to check Gatekeeper for any duplicate files/items throughout the system?
A: It depends on data cleanliness and the type of data duplication present. Assuming the data is well-organised, utilising the List View would be beneficial as it enables quick examination and filtering of specific dimensions e.g. title, category, and annual value.

This might be a question to work with your Customer Success Manager and develop the best strategy to help here.