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Success Hours: Workflow Initiation

Welcome to our latest Success Hours webinar, "Workflow Initiation".

Workflow initiation plays a pivotal role in optimising business processes, enhancing productivity, and reducing bottlenecks. You can achieve greater levels of operational excellence by mastering this crucial aspect. 

In this session, we dived into starting new business processes using workflows, and explored some key features of our Workflow Engine.

Summary breakdown

2:40      Intro
2:55      Gatekeeper's "Three Pillars" success framework
7:35      How to start a workflow using the Employee Portal
10:39   How to submit a request form
14:55   Dashboard for "Employee Portal only users"
16:20   How to start a workflow with a Public Form
19:03   Public Form v.s. Touchless link   
23:47   Personal Touchless link
30:13   How to automate workflow initiation
36:28   Value-based workflow triggers
37:05   Market IQ Financial 
41:50   Market IQ Cyber
43:40   Market IQ Screen
45:00   Combining request-based & form-based workflows ("Parallel Workflow 2" article)
53:09   Custom Tabs

Webinar Q&A

Q: How can we create a new workflow (a very simple one) to manage the signature of corporate documents?

A: We have a host of articles on how to set up Best Practice Workflow templates if you would like to automate a process such as contract review. For ad-hoc document signatures, you can initiate the eSign process directly from a vendor or contract record, please see this article for further information. 

Q: If I initiate a workflow, will I be able to access my card later to make amendments?

A: When you initiate a workflow, which creates a new card, you'll always be able to access the card on the Kanban board. If the 'Card Creator View Only Access' is enabled, you can also click into the card and see any progress and related discussions.  However, the only person who can make amendments is the owner assigned to a particular workflow card. 

Q: A walkthrough of a workflow build out would be very useful to ensure we are re following any best practices. 

A: We have various end-to-end workflow walkthrough articles with configuration videos. You can access them on the Best Practice Template Library pop-up screen within your Gatekeeper tenant. Alternatively, you can find them under the "Best Practice Templates" section on this Knowledge Base page.

Q: I've already created Custom Data areas on our supplier record and populated these for all our suppliers. Can I create custom tabs, populate them from existing data, and then remove the Custom Data areas from the main supplier view?

A: Yes, it's very easy to do. Once you have created a Custom Tab, navigate to the Data Group you wish to move to this tab. Hover over the  edit menu, and hit Move. Now select the name of your Custom Tab from the "Move To" list & ✅ Save.

We have a Knowledge Base article dedicated to Customs Tabs, including how to move your existing Custom Data to a Custom Tab.

Q: I don't suppose we can define the order (left to right) of the Custom Tabs in either the supplier or contract records? 

A: Yes, you can. Head to Settings > Configuration > Custom Data > Custom Tabs. Then hit the Upor Down arrows to change the order in which your Custom Tabs will appear in your supplier or contract records.