Using DocuSign eSignature from a Workflow

Discover how to integrate DocuSign into your structured Kanban Vendor & Contract Management processes



✋ Disclaimer 🤚

As of March 2023, we have only released"Version 1" of the DocuSign integration.

This initial release allows you to use DocuSign to send documents for secure signature from your vendor / contract repository in Gatekeeper. See product demonstration here.

However, this doesn't mean that you cannot integrate this into your Workflows!

In this article, we will show the user experience that can be offered if you decide to incorporate DocuSign into a Gatekeeper Workflow.



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Using DocuSign during a Workflow



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Using DocuSign during a Workflow

Demonstration of using DocuSign within Gatekeeper during a Contract Approval Workflow:

Play-by-Play Demonstration 🔎

Part 1)
A Contract Request card is approved and arrives at the "DocuSign" workflow phase:

Part 2)
Gatekeeper emails the DocuSign admin or admins (Procurement Team) who are responsible for the action:

Part 3)
The notification email contains a link for these admins to navigate to the corresponding contract record in the repository. They follow this link and open the Files tab:

Part 4)
One of these admins initiates DocuSign (and sends the envelope out for signatures):

Part 5)
Users sign the document via DocSign:

Part 6)
The DocuSign admin returns to the Workflow - either via the Forms tab of the Contract record or from the Kanban Board itself.

After opening the card, they tick the checklist item to confirm DocuSign is completed and hits Approve:


Configuration 🛠

Workflow Notification ✉️

  1. For the DocuSign phase of your Workflow, hit Edit this Phase and navigate to the Card Owner Notification
  2. Switch the Status to On (if it is not already) then hit the Edit Email Template icon
  3. Populate the email to indicate what your DocuSign admins should do once a contract has reached this point of the Workflow. ⬇️ See below for suggested text ⬇️
  4. Switch the Button Type to "Object (Contract/Supplier)" and change the Button Text to reflect this
  5. Hit ✅ Update, then ✅ Save to confirm this new config!

Checklist ☑️

  1. For the DocuSign phase of your Workflow, hit Edit this Phase and navigate to the Checklists tab
  2. Type in a new checklist item, then hit ADD to confirm
    Suggested wording: "All signatures received in DocuSign"
  3. Enable the setting: ☑️ Card can only be submitted if all checklist items are complete
  4. Hit ✅ Save to store these new settings

Workflow Phase Instructions 📋

  1. For the DocuSign phase of your Workflow, hit Edit this Phase and enable the Display Description within Workflow Cards setting (by selecting Above or Sidebar)
  2. Populate instructions on the steps which need to be completed at this point of the workflow
    ⬇️ See below for suggested text ⬇️
  3. Hit ✅ Save

Approval ✅ & Transition ➡️

  1. For the DocuSign phase of your Workflow, hit Edit this Phase and navigate to the Approval tab
  2. Enable Approval & hit ✅ Save
  3. Navigate to the Transitions tab
  4. Set the destination for the IF APPROVED transition & hit ✅ Update


An alternative to "Approval & Transition"

If DocuSign is the very last step of your Workflow, you might want to set your DocuSign phase to be a "Done" phase.

This means your DocuSign admins would not have to return to the Workflow once the DocuSign process is completed.

  1. Navigate to the DocuSign phase of your Workflow and hit Edit this Phase
  2. In the Core tab, enable the setting: ☑️ This phase is an end of process
  3. If you had previously added instructions to hit Approve once signed, you can remove these since no further actions or approvals are required on Done phases
  4. Hit ✅ Save




Q: Can we initiate DocuSign without having to leave the Workflow Kanban board?

A: This feature is coming in the next update to our DocuSign integration. Currently, the above configuration is the simplest way to combine Workflows with the DocuSign integration.

Q: How will I know when the new enhancement is available?

A: We will communicate this via our Product Release Update emails - so make sure you are subscribed! 

This article will also be updated once our "version 2" of this integration is released.



Additional Reading 📚

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Using DocuSign within your Gatekeeper Repository

Once you have enabled the feature, this article will provide a complete walkthrough showing how to use this feature from a Sender & a Signatory's perspective




Text for Notification Email ✉️

Example Subject

DocuSign Required ✍️

Example Email Content

This contract has completed all necessary review, approval & negotiations steps in Gatekeeper

<strong>Contract Name: </strong>{{ }}

Please head to the <strong>Files</strong> tab of the Contract record to send this for signatures via DocuSign

<hr>Once fully DocuSigned, you can return to the Workflow via the <strong>Forms</strong> tab of the Contract record to confirm the execution of the new agreement!

Example Button Text

View Contract 🗂


⬆️ Back to Configuration ⬆️


Example Text for Phase Instructions 📋

Part 1 - Docusign

Head to the Contract Record in the repository & get this signed via DocuSign

Part 2 - Completing the Workflow

After the contract has been DocuSigned, return to this card then
  1. Confirm via the ☑️ Checklist that the DocuSign is complete
  2. Hit ✅ Approve to confirm that all actions from this phase have been completed

⬆️ Back to Configuration ⬆️