Using DocuSign on a Workflow

Learn how to enable and use DocuSign within your Gatekeeper Contract & Vendor management processes


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Using DocuSign from a Workflow

Before you start - Prerequisite Settings & Conditions

Sending Envelopes

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Enabling the Action



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Using DocuSign from a Workflow


✋ Before you start 🤚

To use this feature, you must be able to confirm the below conditions are met:

☑️ You have enabled the DocuSign integration for your Gatekeeper tenant

☑️ You have enabled the Workflow Action

☑️ On the phase where you have enabled this Action, workflow cards will definitely have a Contract/Vendor record linked

☑️ On the same phase, cards will contain a PDF document to select for the envelope


Sending Envelopes via Docusign 📩

Step 1) Click to open a card once it has arrived at your DocuSign phase

Step 2) Hit Start

Step 3) Choose the File you wish to sign and the Host (this is the record in your repository where Gatekeeper will store the signed document)

If you have both Gatekeeper eSign and DocuSign enabled at the same phase, you will be able to select which method you wish to use before preparing the document/envelope

Step 4) Hit ✅ Save & Next

Step 5) Prepare the envelope; assign all signatories & place signature details in the document

Step 6) Hit Send




Other Actions

The other actions available will match what is available in the repository

Resend: Once you have sent the envelope, this will allow you to notify any outstanding signatories (i.e. to send them a "reminder")

Correct: This will allow you to amend the signers/signature details on the document

Void: This will allow you to cancel the signature process

After voiding a signature, you can hit Restart to try again using a different document / updated signatories / etc

Alternatively, an admin might want to move the card to a "Done" phase to terminate the setup of this contract entirely:


Tracking 🔎


From the Kanban Board View


The eSign/DocuSign status cannot currently be viewed in Kanban list views

If this is an important feature for you, please upvote/add context to the below Idea:

💡 Ideas Forum: Include eSign status in Kanban List View



From the Workflow Card


From the Contract/Vendor Record (in the Repository)


From the Files Menu






Enabling the Action ⚙️

Step 1) Choose your phase of the workflow where you wish to sign files via DocuSign

Step 2) Hit Edit this Phase

Step 3) Navigate to the Actions tab

Step 4) Select ☑️ Enable DocuSign

Transitions ➡️

A key part of enabling a workflow action is configuring what Gatekeeper should do with cards once the action has been completed

Following the below steps, you can use the completion of DocuSign signatures to automatically move workflow cards to another stage of the workflow

Step 1) Choose your phase of the workflow where you wish to sign files via DocuSign

Step 2) Hit Edit this Phase

Step 3) Navigate to the Transitions tab

Step 4) Underneath the "IF ESIGN COMPLETED" and "IF ESIGN DECLINED" options, select the phase you wish to transition workflow cards

Step 5) Hit ✅ Update to save your choices


You do not need to configure a transition when a signature is "declined" like the above gif

In fact, many of our clients do not configure a transition for this because they may wish to update the document and restart the signature process

➡️ This is easier if that workflow card has not been archived!






Q: Do users need to be "eSign Senders" to use DocuSign on a workflow

A: No! Workflow action permissions are agnostic from the standard user permissions. As long as a user has been granted ownership of a workflow phase with the DocuSign action enabled, they can use the feature 👌


Q: Do we need to use Gatekeeper's eNegotiate tool to be able to DocuSign a file on a workflow?
A: No - any PDF document can be signed on a workflow (as long as all the criteria from the start of this article are met)


Q: Can we configure Gatekeeper to selectively enable Gatekeeper eSign or DocuSign depending on the type of contract (or some other criteria)?

A: Sort of! cannot conditionally enable/disable the 2 different eSign actions on the same phase

However, you can very easily create 2 phases for eSignatures: one where Gatekeeper eSign is the enabled action, one where DocuSign is the enabled action.

Then - using Gatekeeper's "Conditional Transitions" - automatically route cards to one phase or the other




Additional Reading 📚


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