Workflow Administrator

For background please read the Workflow Authorisation Overview guide.

Workflow Administrator Overview

You can grant any user Workflow Administrative access to the Workflows area of your Gatekeeper tenant. This authorisation is for users who will build and manage workflows.

They will have administration access to create new workflows and edit all existing workflows. This also includes read/write access to all workflow cards on all workflows.

Note: Your Gatekeeper Subscriber user will have Workflow Administrator permission by default.

How to Assign Workflow Administrative Rights to a User? 

  1. Go to Settings > Users on the Navigation Menu.

2. Click the Edit User icon against the Gatekeeper User you will be granting Workflow Administrative access to.

3. Scroll down to the Additional Permissions section and select Workflow Administrator and click Save.

Note: To revoke Workflow Administrative authorisation, simply deselect Workflow Administrator and click Save.