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Success Hours: Safeguarding Compliance



In this Webinar, we talk about how to ensure you're covering the basics of Risk Management and staying compliant with any relevant policies and industry standards you need to satisfy when dealing with Vendors.

Topics in this session included:

  • How to use the Risk Module to store, categorise and manage your risks
  • How to automate the renewal of key insurance/accreditation/audit documents you need to store for your Vendors



Supporting Knowledgebase Guidance 📚


📖 The Risk Register

Get an overview of the Data & Dashboards you can leverage within the Risk Module

📖 Configuring Custom Data

Learn about the feature we displayed which had allowed us to add extra information to our Risk records - in the webinar this was for Mitigation/Contingency planning


📖 File Expiry Dates

Learn about the key element of metadata you can store for your documents in Gatekeeper

🛠️ Create your Own - File Expiry Workflow

Learn how to create & customise a workflow for automating the replacement of the key compliance documents you store in Gatekeeper




Q&A 💬


During the webinar, we received a few questions from attendees - most of these we made sure to cover off while discussing the key features...

To see those questions with our specific responses, we've included them below:


Q: Where is the Risk colour matrix ["Heat Map"] data coming from?

A: This is a combination of live data from Risks in your Gatekeeper tenants

The Y-Axis is Probability

The X-Axis is Impact

We assign each of these fields a numerical value which is used in a multiplier: A calculation for the resultant score behind the colours can be seen here: 📖 Risk Dashboard

NB. Only Open/Accepted Risks appear here
Closed risks are excluded from the dashboard since these represent reconciled/no longer valid scenarios!


Q: How do we populate the file expiration dates?

A: Our recommendation is to collect these during the collation of the documents themselves - i.e. during a Vendor Onboarding workflow

To do this, you can use a workflow form field of type "Attached File with Expiration Date" so that Gatekeeper will enforce users to set a date while attaching documents
If you haven't been doing this already, file admins/owners can manually populate these dates in the repository


Q: How many risks can we store?

A:  The number of Risk Records (and Risk Types) are unlimited on all Gatekeeper plans so essentially: whatever is applicable & achievable for you


Q: Do we need to set up Vendor Portal for the [File Expiry] Workflow?

A: The best time savings from this workflow are achieved via having your Vendors provide updated documents directly in the workflow via Vendor Portal

When combining the workflow with Vendor Portal - as shown in the webinar - the only point you have to interact with the process is to check the newly uploaded file & hit Update to save it to your Gatekeeper repository

However, if Vendor Portal is not in budget for you, you can still leverage the workflow for its automated reminders to inform your internal stakeholders to collect & upload the updated documents