Product Release Update - April 2020

This release has been focused on improving Contract Visibility across Gatekeeper, making it easier for customers to quickly check, review and organise their contract documents.


Preview Link and Icon

We have greatly reduced the time required to find and preview documents within Gatekeeper by adding a preview icon and file name link to all PDFs in all file areas across the application.

To learn more about previewing files in Gatekeeper, click here

Embedded File Viewer

To remove the need to leave Gatekeeper when viewing documents in separate tabs we have now added our own embedded file viewer which presents your documents in a modal popup and provides you with the ability to easily scan and search the document on the same page.

More information can be found here in our Help Docs. 

Contract Master Record Preview Panel

We have greatly reduced the need to open Master Record documents with the addition of a preview of the document that auto-loads at the bottom of the Contract View page.

Click here to learn more about viewing the Master Record document from the Data Tab. 

Contract Hierarchy

We are delighted to introduce Contract Hierarchy. Contracts can now be linked to each other as a Parent or Child. This ensures that all Contract associations are captured and it provides you with a complete view of your Contract Family.

For more information about configuring contract relationships in Gatekeeper, click here

Master Record Column

The Contracts list page now has a 'Master Record' column which can be added to your list view. This column is populated with Yes/No attributes which provide the visibility needed to determine which Contracts have a Master Record associated with them.

Fixed Column & Header

Both the Contracts and Suppliers list pages now have a freeze column enhancement which is applied to the first column in both the list views. This first column can be configured to be any column in your data set.

The header is also fixed allowing you to scroll large sets of Contract and Supplier data without losing the context of the objects and attributes that the data relates to.

Advanced Search & Pagination

Global Search has been enhanced with a 'Filter Type' which enables you to select the object types that you would like the search to be applied to.

This enables you to filter by Contract, Supplier, File, Team, Category and Entity.

In addition to this we have added pagination to Global Search results which provides a more expansive view of all related items that match your keyword search.



Submit Card On Action

We are delighted to introduce this time-saving functionality to workflows. When enabled, cards will automatically transition to the next phase when a user Creates, Updates or Clones a Supplier or Contract.

This streamlines the user's experience when attending to workflow cards by removing the need to additionally approve cards after they have already completed and submitted the required action in that phase.

See our Knowledge Base article for more details.

Workflow Card Modals

Workflow cards when clicked now open seamlessly in a new modal popup rather than opening in the workflow table.

Incorporating the card view in a modal window removes the need for the page to refresh which greatly improves the overall user experience and reduces the time required to monitor vast numbers of workflow cards on a regular basis.


Assign 'Internal Supplier Owner' As Stakeholder

Scorecards has been enhanced to give admins the ability to assign the 'Internal Supplier Owner' as the stakeholder for individual Primary Dimensions.

When enabled, your internal supplier owners will automatically be assigned to complete only the Surveys and Primary Dimensions that are relevant to the Suppliers that they own. This ensures that the most relevant person in your organisation is given the responsibility of providing feedback about their experience with the Suppliers that they know best.

See our Knowledge Base article for more details.

Scorecard CSV Export

You can now download a CSV Export of the historical data collected from all Surveys within any given Scorecard.

This provides you with the ability to analyse externally and present your Scorecard Survey data using your preferred application.

See our Knowledge Base article for more details.

Sub Dimension Descriptions

Sub Dimensions now have a description field, which provides you with the ability to add greater context to your Survey questions for your stakeholders.

See our Knowledge Base article for more details.


For more information on this release, please contact your Customer Success Manager or get in touch using our Support Request Form.