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Dashboards - Visualise Your Data

Dashboards & Weekly Reports

Quarterly Dashboard

Understanding that maintaining a focus on near term renewals and objectives is always going to be a requirement for our customers, the Quarterly Dashboard is designed to provide just this view.

While still providing an overview of all data within the tenant, it highlights Contracts approaching both their Renewal (End) Date and Notice Period Date in the coming three months, plus any Events and Risks.

Like with the Executive Dashboard, you can filter the Quarterly Dashboard by All Contracts, or just the ones that You Own:

Weekly Reports

Here at Gatekeeper we are conscious of creating too much noise via email and our Weekly Summary is designed to provide an overview of any overdue and impending renewals in a similar fashion to the Quarterly Dashboard:

If you do not want to receive these messages, or want to alter your notification sessions you can do so within your Gatekeeper Account:


Teams and Categories Dashboards

Teams and Categories provide additional ways to slice and dice your data. Analysing at a Category level is great to understand your supplier base and identify any duplication and where cost savings can be made. Teams are a natural way to analyse data across the core functions of your business such as IT, HR and Legal.

Gatekeeper provides a dashboard, very similar to the Executive Dashboard at these levels to support your reporting needs:



Visualising your data is a great way to understand it and we hope all of the reporting mechanisms above support you on your journey to better contract management with Gatekeeper!