How to - Delete Contracts

This article is intended to show how you can permanently delete contract records.

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Who can delete records?

Deleting records is restricted to Users with the Role of  'Administrator' only.

Please see our Knowledge Base Article on User Management Definitions for further information on Roles.

How to delete records

Deleting records can be done by selecting the ellipses (3 dots) next to the Contract record and then selecting Delete.

You will then be prompted to type 'Delete' to confirm this action.

As part of this process, you will be notified that the deletion of records won't be able to be undone.

Can deleted records be restored?

The delete functionality is NOT REVERSIBLE! So please ensure that you only perform the delete action when you are completely confident that you no longer require this record or its associations.

What is deleted?

When a record is deleted, one of 2 things will occur on associated records. Please take a look at the table below to see exactly how additional records will be treated.

  • Delete - Completely removed from the system. Cannot be restored.
  • Remove Association - The association with the deleted record is removed, but the associated record is not removed from the system.

When a Contract is deleted:

Files attached to the Contract Record
Remove Association
Events attached to the Contract Record
Spend items 
Remove Association
Messages attached to the Contract Record
Risk data attached to the Contract Record
Remove Association
Linked/Parent/Child Contracts
Remove Association
Contract AI

Additional rules:

  • When a record is deleted that is used in an RBAC group, the record will be removed from the access group. 
  • eSign & eNegotiate files will be completely deleted, including any inflight negotiation or eSign processes. 
  • Files with a top-level host of the deleted record will be deleted
  • The History of the record will be preserved - i.e. history will show each associated record has also been deleted and then show the main record being deleted.