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How to - User Management

This article provides information on the User Management options within Gatekeeper and where to locate them.

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Gatekeeper strongly suggests familiarising yourself with our User Management Definitions prior to working through this article.

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Where to Locate User Management Settings

User Management is accessed by navigating to "Settings" from the left side navigation panel and expanding to choose the "Users" option.

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Note: Only Administrator-level users with the appropriate permissions will have access to the Users menu under Settings. For more configuration information, click here

How to Navigate the User Management View

The User Management page lists all Live Users by default. Click on "Live Users" to view either "Archived Users" or "All Users" as desired.

Live Users | Menu 

Use the Filter search box next to the magnifying glass icon to locate specific users. Enter a full or partial term that corresponds to the user's name or email address and then press enter or return on your keyboard. Click the "x" next to your search term to clear the Filter once finished. 

Click the Configure Columns icon in the top right to adjust your User Management view.

Configure Columns Icon

From the pop-up menu that appears, check the boxes that correspond to the data you need to see and drag/drop by clicking the three vertical lines to reorder as desired. Gatekeeper will remember your selections the next time you navigate to the User Management area. 

User Management | Configure Columns

Adjust these settings at any time or clear them by clicking the Configure Columns icon and choosing the restoration links for "selection" or "ordering". 

Adding Users to Gatekeeper

There are two ways to add Users in Gatekeeper:

  1. Add User (use this for adding a single or small number of Users)
  2. Bulk Import (use this for adding many new Users)

Click on the green  "ADD" button in the top right and select the appropriate option. 

ADD User | Button

Editing Existing Gatekeeper Users

To edit existing Users simply hover over the menu (three vertical dots) to the right of the user's details and click on the "Edit" icon. 

Edit Existing User

Note: If the user's email exists in multiple Gatekeeper tenants then the email address will be locked for editing. An Administrator with the appropriate permissions will need to archive one of the user's accounts first to update (Dealing with Leavers & Movers). 

Revoking User Access

To revoke a User's Gatekeeper access, simply hover over the menu (three vertical dots) to the right of the user's details and click on the "Edit" icon. Then click the check box at the very bottom in the "REVOKE" area that says "Revoke Access to Gatekeeper" before saving the change.

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For more information on dealing with leavers and movers, click here.

Delegating Workflow Card Ownership

Workflow Delegation allows you (or an Administrator) the ability to assign your Workflow Cards to an alternative user for a set period of time, after which time the ownership is returned as before. This temporary transfer of ownership also grants the necessary permissions to the new owner so that they can perform the tasks just as you would. 

To reassign your own Workflow tasks, start by clicking on your name in the top right corner of any Gatekeeper webpage and navigate to the "Settings" menu. 

My Account | Settings Menu

From there, click on "Create Delegation" under the WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT area next to the specific Workflow you'd like to temporarily reassign. 

Create Delegation

From the corresponding pop-up window, choose the internal user along with the start and end dates for the delegation period. You can also include any instructions, which will be sent directly to the delegatee in a notification email. Be sure to click the "Create" button when finished. 

Contract Approval Workflow | Delegation

Administrators in Gatekeeper with access to the Users menu under Settings can delegate Workflow activities for anyone after clicking directly on the User's name and following the same steps as above.

Delegations can also be edited or cancelled at any time once created by clicking on the Edit (pencil & paper) icon or red trash can icon respectively.