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How to - Add a User

Please read the How to - User Management article for background and instructions on how to access User Management within Gatekeeper.

When you select Add>User, you are presented with the ‘New User’ page, which consists of five sections:

1. Personal Data

Enter the Personal data of the User.

*Denotes mandatory. Free form text is limited to 255 characters. For users who use Gravatar, their gravatar photo will automatically be linked to Gatekeeper

2. Role & Permissions

Choose the appropriate ‘Role’ - See User Management Definitions for full details.

3. eSign Permissions

Choose the appropriate ‘eSign Permissions’ - See Configuring eSign for full details.

4. Additional Permissions

Choose the appropriate ‘Additional Permissions - See User Management Definitions for full details.



5. Invitation

To send the User an invitation email which contains a link for them to login to Gatekeeper, click the check box.

We have pre-populated the email for you, but please feel free to delete this and write your own email.

You can also set a custom template to appear in place of this message. Please see this article for further details.