Building your Workflow Copy

This article will assist with guiding you throughout the Clone Workflow process as part of your Implementation.

This article is intended to be used as guidance for working through the Implementation of your Gatekeeper Administrator Training | Workflow. 

If you require additional assistance, please reach out to your Professional Services Consultant.

Clone Workflow Overview 
  1. Creating a Workflow
  2. Configuring a Workflow Trigger
  3. Adding Phases to a Workflow
  4. Setting up a Form within a Workflow
  5. Utilising Custom Data within Workflows
  6. Workflow Phase Approvals
  7. Configuring Workflow Transitions between Phases
  8. Workflow Owners Overview
  9. Creating a Workflow Group
  10. Configuring Workflow Actions
  11. How to Add Help Text to Workflow Forms
  12. Configuring Workflow Notifications
  13. Workflow Notifications - Markdown & Dynamic Content

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Starting your Workflow build

To create the base version of the Workflow

Create a Workflow

**Create a trigger for your Workflow

From the Workflows overview screen, select the ellipses on your workflow, then select ‘Workflow Triggers’ > ‘Add Trigger’

Copy the triggers from the ‘GA Training | Workflow’

**Note - if your Workflow is not triggered, you may skip this step

Creating Triggers

Add Phases to your Workflow

Within your Workflow, select ‘Add’ to create phases. 

Create only the phases you can see within the  ‘GA Training | Workflow’ 

Creating Phases

Setting up a Form within your Workflow

Within the first phase of the Workflow, first, select the ellipses, then select ‘Form’ 

Be sure to distinguish field types between ‘Form Data’ & ‘Custom Data’

Form Data and Custom data will need to be created in the first phase of the workflow, then form visibility (mandatory, hidden, etc) will need to be set in all phases.

Create only the fields that you can see within your ‘GA Training | Workflow’ 

Creating a Form

Creating Custom Data

Configuring Approvals

On the phases that require Approval, select the ellipses > ’Edit this Phase’ > Approval’

Copy the Approval settings for each phase from the ‘GA Training | Workflow’ 

Create Approval Phases

Configuring Owners

Within each phase, first select the ellipses, then select ‘Edit this Phase’ > ‘Form Access’. 

Copy the settings from the ‘GA Training | Workflow’ into each phase.

Workflow Ownership 

Workflow Groups

Configure transition rules

Select the ellipses in each phase of the workflow, then select ‘Edit this Phase’ > select ‘Transitions’ from the right-hand side menu.

You can toggle between simple and conditional transitions on the right-hand side of the page, above the green ‘Update’ button.

Transitions will need to be completed on all phases within the workflow.

Create the transitions as per the ‘GA Training | Workflow’ 

Transition Rules

Configure Workflow Actions

On the required phases, select the ellipses > ‘Edit this Phase’ > Actions

Copy the actions for each required phase from your ‘GA Training | Workflow’

Create Actions

Configure Notifications

On the required phases, select the ellipses > ‘Edit this Phase’ > Form Access

Copy the settings under ‘Email Notifications’ and ‘Email Reminders’ from your ‘GA Training | Workflow’

Configure Workflow Notifications

Configure Markdown and Dynamic Notifications